Commercial Electrician

When you have New Building Construction or Commercial Renovations projects, it’s important to work with the right Commercial Construction Electrician.

Commercial Electrician

When You Need Commercial Electrician Services, Beatty Construction is the General Contractor for You!

When we say we have seen every advancement, every trend, and every change inside the Commercial Construction Electrician field, you can trust us. When we say that we have seen every advancement inside the scope of the Industrial Electrician Industry, you can trust us there, too. The pros from Beatty Construction have overseen all types of New Commercial Construction jobs as well as many Commercial Renovations. Many of those General Contracting engagements have included the oversight of Commercial Electrician and Industrial Electrician work, among other jobs that could be categorized as Construction Engineering projects. Why do clients trust Beatty Construction as General Contractor all their Commercial Construction Engineering projects? Because we have been successful in the Commercial Construction industry for well over 40 years, and because we have already seen and experienced any type of Commercial Construction project you might be looking for. We have successfully overseen projects including many types of Commercial Construction Electrician work, and have been able to do so with the utmost client satisfaction.

Here are a just a few of the types of projects we have successfully overseen
  • Retail Lighting Installation
  • Industrial Facility Lighting
  • Commercial Electrical Maintenance
  • Commercial Building Electrical
  • Electrical Panel Installation
  • Heavy Machinery Wiring
  • Electrical Code Corrections
  • Assembly Line Electrical
  • Indoor Arena Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting Installation
  • Manufacturing Plant Electrical
  • Office Building Electrical
  • Industrial Warehouse Electrical
  • Breaker Box Replacement
  • Emergency Backup Power
  • Electrical Protection Services
  • Gymnasium Lighting Install
  • Millwork Facility Electrical
  • Commercial Kitchen Electrical
  • Production Facility Electrical
  • Indoor Decorative Lighting Install
  • Electrical for Commercial HVAC
  • Indoor Wiring Replacement
  • Electrical Safety Inspections
  • Shopping Mall Lighting
  • LED Stadium Lighting
  • Outdoor Production Electrical

Beatty Construction – Effective, Efficient Construction Engineering Services – Commercial Construction

Since 1979, the professionals from Beatty Construction have been involved in the Commercial Construction industry throughout Metro Atlanta and the great state of Georgia. As General Contractors, we have seen nearly every change that you can imagine inside the scope of Commercial Construction in Atlanta. From the techniques employed by construction workers, foundation experts, infrastructure engineers, mechanical contractors, and project management personnel, to the myriad of changes to city, state, and federal laws and regulations, Beatty Construction has seen it all. Not only have we seen every major shift and change in the Commercial Construction industry, we have been successful in our industry for over 40 years. We have been successful as Metro Atlanta General Contractors in Commercial Construction projects, Building Construction projects, Exterior Construction projects, Commercial Interior projects, Commercial Renovation projects, Structural Construction projects, Construction Engineering Projects, Commercial Electrician projects, and every other full-scale or specific engagement we’ve taken part in. If you need Project Management, Construction Engineering, or any other General Contracting services, call Beatty Construction!